I’m calling it. As of today Feedly is the best news app for Android. Today Feedly finally moved from the languishing doldrums of beta to a polished and sexy final release, which, in my book, makes it now the creme de la creme of Google Reader clients. I used Feedly ...More

Appy Geek

If you are  always hungry for the latest tech news and updates then Appy Geek is the app for you. Although you might already have your fill of RSS apps (e.g. Google Reader or Google Currents), but I would suggest you to take a look at Appy Geek since it’s ...More


News Junkies: EasyRSS is a lightweight RSS app for Android that integrates with your Google Reader account. As the name suggests, EasyRSS is easy to use and its simplicity is one of my favorite features. In most ways, EasyRSS is a typical RSS application: Google Reader integration, simple styling and ...More

Minimal Reader

Android Static is all about minimalism (just look at the site), and this absolutely extends to our Android phones. Minimal Reader is a well-designed widget that combines your love of RSS feeds and minimalism. Minimal Reader is really a widget, but it doesn’t feel like it since you can click ...More

Pulse News is a visually impressive reader.

I’m a huge news junkie, and if it weren’t Google Reader I might go crazy thinking that I’ve not caught up with my favorite blogs and publications. Luckily Google Reader integration is pretty much an essential feature on any RSS app for Android these days. Here’s a list of our picks ...More

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