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The Best Daydream Apps

People with ADHD know there are little tricks to getting things done in life. I, for example, like to use neon colored Sharpies to take notes; brightly colored things tend to keep my attention. That’s what makes live wallpapers, and by extension, daydreams so fun — it’s like a mystical fantasy playground for ADD kids like myself who love to get lost in something completely lacks any purpose.


Daydream and Android 4.2

The latest version of Android 4.2 (Jellybean) came with a slew of minor but nonetheless interesting features including Daydream. Daydream is basically a screensaver for Android phone and tablets that can activate when your device is docked or charging.

Screensavers were originally created to prevent screen burn in on displays, which typically isn’t an issue on most devices since you are either using your device or have the screen off. Even the previous default dock application (which was the clock) rotated from time to time to prevent the image from permanently burning itself.


Stock Daydream Apps

Android comes with a few Daydreams installed that are basic but good.


This Daydream displays the digital or analog clock in white. The clock moves around. A clock tells time.

This is the clock Daydream. It's a clock.


As the name implies, the Color Daydream displays a series of rotating color. However, the transitions move at a glacial space. I had to stare at this one for 17 minutes to figure this out.

The Color Daydream doesn't really seem to do much.


While some of the Daydream apps are less than useful or at the very least so-so in terms of actual purpose or function, the Currents Daydream is certainly not one of them. Currents will display recent stories (or editions) from your Google Currents account.

Current stories will scroll across your screen or you can swipe them from right to left to display new ones. Two side notes: 1. It’s very interesting the push Currents is getting from Google and 2. I actually have Android Static set up on currents. Please support this shameless plug.

The Google Currents Daydream is easily the best.

Photo Frame and Photo Table

Photo Frame and Photo Table are cute. It’s like an Android boy version of scrapbooking without the book part or a trip to A.C. Moore. Photo Frame and Tablet display a selection of your phone’s albums.

Photo Frame will display just one picture at a time, and Photo Table will display a collection of your photos tossed in a  nonchalant totally casual way.

Does this Daydream have any purpose? No. Is it totally worth using? Yes.



Other Daydream Apps

Android 4.2 and Daydreams are pretty new, so there aren’t many Daydream apps out yet.

Beautiful Widgets

Beautiful Widgets is one of the most popular paid apps on Android and along with some recent UI refreshes the app also received a new Daydream. The Beautiful Widget Daydream gives you a run down of the current weather and upcoming forecast.

Beautiful Widgets Daydream displays the weather when you dock your device.

The Daydream is pretty basic but gives you the option of choosing locations and colors.

Paid: Beautiful Widgets


Daydream Quotes

If you’re into big, emotional quotes that could provide the right amount of inspiration in the middle of your day then you’ll dig Daydream Quotes. Daydream Quotes show you a simple series of quotes on a black background. It’s also free that’s a big plus.

Daydream Quotes

Paid: Daydream Quotes


Website Daydream

Website Daydream shows you a website whenever you dock your phone, which is good if, for example, you want to use Google as your homepage. The browser is basic to say the least — but it should be. You can use the app to keep up a certain webpage or blog post but don’t expect anything fancy like pinch-to-zoom. Make sure you do set it whatever website you like to the mobile version (as there is no zoom option).


Free: Website Daydream


Zoum Twitter Daydream

I, really, thought of this idea as soon as I heard of the new Daydream feature. Zoum Twitter Daydream connects to your Twitter account and displays a random tweet. Right now, the app works fine, but it absolutely needs some design work.

Zoum Twitter Daydream

Free: Zoum Twitter Daydream



If you’re an Instagram user then you’ll love GramWidget for a few reasons. First, GramWidget is a pretty good widget that display a random popular picture. Second, GramWidget has a pretty good Daydream that will pull posts.

This Daydream displays random Instagram posts.

Free: GramWidget


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