May 17th, 2012 @ 9:30 am

Threedom Will Be The Mobile OS For Your Grandparents

Threedom. Let me tell you what it is not: 1. Freedom and 2. A Threesome. Misleaders. Threedom is a mobile app to make your Android phone easier to use. Your grandma just boarded the train to Coolville.

Threedom, that’s still in beta right now, promises to be the “world’s simplest smartphone.” Three will essentially boil down Android to a three button interface for easier navigation and usability. spotted details about Threedom back in September of last year and, supposedly, Threedom was targeted for a 2011 release.

Threedom is an three-button user interface for Android devices that makes it easier to navigate and use.

Ribot, the developers behind Threedom, recently posted that they’re looking for beta testers. Specifically, the developers are looking for testers “with a real need for Threedom, i.e those who fear or lack experience using a mobile phone.” Obviously, I’m completely ineligible for submitting my name.

I went ahead and e-mailed the developers for more information about Threedom since, save the video below, there aren’t many details about the app floating around. Ribot is so apparently the same group behind SwiftKey, the popular keyboard app available on Google Play.

To get yourself in on the Threedom beta test click the link below and check out the video for a quick demo of the app.

Ribot – “Threedom Needs You!” Beta Test


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