Nov 27th, 2012 @ 9:35 am

Q&A: Can I Track A Package With Android?

‘Tis the season for buying things on the Internet, and there’s absolutely nothing worse than waiting around for all those soulless Internet people to arrive with that thing you want really bad. Alternatively, if you’re into this holiday spirit stuff and purchase something for someone else you may want to make sure it arrives on time.

Now it’s pretty easy to track your packages by going to FedEx, UPS and USPS individually, but that’s kind of a pain in the ass.  These carriers also have individual apps that you can install with varying degrees of usefulness. The FedEx app rocked and was easy to use, but the USPS app made me feel as if I was actually in a United States Postal Office.

A smarter way to track all your packages is by using one simple Android app that you can check obsessively several times each day.


How Can I Track My Package with Android?

There several different apps you can use to track your packages. One of the most popular is Parcels. This app has support for every single shipping service you can imagine including domestic and international shipping partners. Parcels lets you enter in the tracking number and a name for each of your packages.

Parcels supports every major shipping carrier on the planet.

You can set Parcels to update in the background whenever you have a status change or you can set the app to update when you open. The app will also automatically stop tracking packages in the background once it sees a delivery status. Other good alternatives to Parcels include Package Buddy and Track Me.

If you own an Android phone with 4.1 or above (Jellybean), Google Now has a built-in package tracking card (assuming you receive the e-mail in Gmail). This feature though seems a little hit or miss. I’ve yet to have this card pop up; I order things off the Internet all the time.

Google Now package tracking card seems a little hit or miss.


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