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Tweeting with Tweedle: The Pros and Cons Of A New Twitter App

Tweedle for Android

As Android users I bet we all remember exactly where we were, what day it was and what we were wearing when we had the terrible realization:  The official Twitter app really is the best twitter app available for Android!

Now this realization didn’t come from lack of choice.  When it comes to Twitter apps, Android users have no shortage of choices:  Tweetdeck (Still have buzz on there, Tweetdeck?  Really?  What, you didn’t get the Wave?  Buzz is so 2010!), Tweetcaster, Seesmic, Plume, and on and on.  No shortage!  Some of these Twitter clients are robust and feature-rich.  Unfortunately, being feature-rich is usually synonymous with slapping bling all over the screen making the app a hot busy mess; and in the process of all this, making the app confusing and laggy.


Meet Tweedle

Tweedle is, sincerely, a breath of fresh air.  This Twitter app is clean and fast, folks. The user interface has a clean, minimalist design that lives in perfect harmony with the Holo themes found in ICS and Jelly Bean.

Tweedle has a minimalistic and clean interface.

In addition to a clean design, the Tweedle developers want to pass the reins over to you, the user. You can customize the crap out of the appearance in this app.  It has several standard themes and all kinds of color schemes to choose from.  You could even have different themes used during the day and night.  Also, as you’re customizing, you can view all the changes in a nifty preview pane that makes your decision making even easier.

Tweedle: Features

How Tweedle looks is fine and all, but how does it work? Tweedle has the basics covered with panels that you can swipe between to view your mentions and favorites with, again, absolutely zero lag. This app makes it super-easy to reply, retweet (including retweet w/message) and favorite tweets and all the other stuff you do in Twitter like creep look at people’s profiles and pictures.  Tweeting and adding a photo and location is simple and intuitive.  If you go a bit longer than 140 characters, no problem — Twitlonger support is baked right in. Feel free to type away.

Tweedle let you easily view profiles.


Tweedle: The Downside

Tweedle is not without its cons. Currently, there is no home screen widget, trends, multiple account support and a few other features that may disappoint power users.  However, I think the developers of this app really believe in providing a fast and customizable Twitter app, while maintaining a clean and hassle-free user experience. They love feedback and they’re excited to make the app even better.  In response to user feedback they’ve promised these upcoming features:

  • Trending Support
  • Lists Support
  • Mute Filtering
  • Tablet Support
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Configurable Pages
  • Homescreen Widgets

So is Tweedle right for you?  What am I, your mother?  How would I know?  But what I can tell you is this  –  Tweedle is the most stable Twitter client I’ve ever used.  Ever.  It’s also faster than any other Twitter client I’ve used.  It’s clean, simple and polished.  Yeah, there’s a few features missing right now, but those concerns are being addressed and implemented by a positive and excited development team.

I love Android apps; not just what an app does and how it works, but how it feels.  And Tweedle for Android works and feels great.

Free: Tweedle for Twitter

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