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Aug 2nd, 2011 @ 6:10 pm

Use Your Facebook and Twitter Notifications As A Live Wallpaper

The vast majority of Android users have Facebook for Android on their phones and, if they’re cool enough, some even have Twitter accounts. There’s nothing wrong with using Facebook or Twitter apps on your phone, but there are actually several different ways to get your social network notifications.

Bubbleator is like a social media news ticker for your phone.

Bubbleator is one such option and just a really cool concept – using your social networks feeds as a live wallpaper. Think of Bubbleator like a personalized news ticker that displays everything from missed calls to recent tweets. Notifications will slowly slide across a wallpaper you select, and you can even select notifications and fling them across the screen.

It didn’t seem to slow down my Galaxy S too much but results may vary. Bubbleator is free and comes with quite a few options for customization.

Free: Bubbleator


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