May 11th, 2012 @ 10:04 am

Using Any.DO to Stay in Shape

If you’re a fitness nerd (or any kind of nerd, as long as you like apps) who changes up his/her meal plans and workouts regularly, you might want to try Any.DO, a free Android app that will make scheduling your healthy life very easy (and even if you aren’t a fitness or health nut, you will still love Any.DO)!

So, say you want to get really fit and lean, and you decide you’re going to get active and eat right. You decide you’re just going to eat super clean and workout super hard (both super decisions), so you’re going to succeed. Eating clean and working out will definitely result in fat loss… but you might eventually hit a point where it feels like your body is starting to work against you (aka a plateau). WELP, there’s a simple solution to this: Changing up your workouts frequently. Like every 2-3 weeks — just when your muscles are beginning to adapt to a particular strategy or workout or movement, change it.  And if you’re a go-hard-or-go-home type, or if just trying to get fancy, you might even want to change up your nutrition every now and then — try eating clean, then do some carb cycling for a few weeks, try keto for a week, etc.

But it’s really difficult to remember which week I’m switching from workout plan A to B or mealplan A to B or when I’m starting or stopping my carb cycling to promote fat loss… there’s just too much to remember. This is where apps come in to ease the process.

How Any.DO Works

Any.DO’s site describes this app as a means to “organize your life in a simple and elegant way.” Nice, concise, and free of useless information… that’s kind of how the app is too. And the interface, by the way, is GORGEOUS. It’s very straightforward: the layout categorizes your to-do items into four timeframes: Today, Tomorrow, This Week, and the ever ambiguous Later.

How I Use The App Any.DO for Fitness

I use a Filofax, a miniature Moleskine, a legal pad, and 4 different apps on my HTC Incredible 2 to manage my life (feel free to draw a conclusion about my personality type). So naturally, planning every detail of my workouts, meals, and long-term fitness and health goals requires its own platform, and fortunately for me, a relatively new productivity/to-do list app, Any.DO, serves that purpose perfectly.

So the way I might divvy up my plans:

Any.Do is an easy way to keep track of your workouts.


Part of the reason I plan these details so closely is because over the last few months, I have been making taking part in a fitness transformation, and I just felt like there was a lot to keep track of — bi-weekly changes to my nutrition, detailed daily workouts (sometimes twice in a day).

Being able to plan long-term changes in advance was helpful because when the time came to make a change to my diet or exercise routine, it was like the thinking was already done for me.

Another screenshot of my weekly workout plan on Any.Do.


I get that some people don’t see the point in pre-planning all of these elements of a fitness routine. Some fitness enthusiasts prescribe to the philosophy that losing weight can be very simple, and that one doesn’t need a lot of thinking or planning to be in shape. Buuuuut I am not one of those people. I find that in order to make a change, I have to have a very thorough plan. Having a plan means nothing unless I’m actually going to follow the plan, and I’m more likely to follow the plan when I have it written down (or keyed in, as it were).

Why not Astrid or Color Note?

Incidentally, I actually do use (and love) Astrid and Color Note; I use Astrid to plan design ideas (…and outfits) and ColorNote for basic to-do lists that don’t have close deadlines — more on these another time. But Any.DO is perfect for planning changes to my fitness regimen because there’s nothing to distract from it — Any.DO has a seamless interface, a very intuitive layout, and it is super easy to use.

So, if you’re anything like me, you might find that Any.DO is an amazing fit for your plans to get fit… and if you’re not, you should still check out this beautiful (and free!) app.

Punita Chhabra is an educator and writer with a love for fitness, positive living, and technology. She is also a huge productivity nerd. She writes on her site,

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