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Vine Android Apps

Aside from that whole porn thing, Vine has started to take off. I had a chance to play with it this week, and honestly, I’m digging the microcosm experience.

Vine is

I wish I could say more but since Android is the hand me down clothes of operation systems there’s no version of Vine for Android. If you want to get a feel for Vine on Android you’ll have to slum around in unofficial apps from indie developers. A word of warning — none of these apps will let you upload videos to Vine just view them.


Vine Android Apps


Vine Flow

Vine Flow’s got a little buzz over the past few days since it’s one of like three apps that let you watch Vine videos. Vine Flow’s layout is simple enough, albeit too basic. The gigantic next button clicks to the next video, but there isn’t any option to start an stop videos. The explore tab at the top lets you search under specific hashtags like you would anything else on Twitter. The one really good thing about this app is its speed and, to me, it’s just as fast as the real Vine app.

Vine Flow is basic, but fast Vine Android App.

Free: Vine Flow


Vine Videos

Vine Videos is even a worse choice than Vine Flow with no option to skip through videos, no pause or play buttons or even an option to search. Strangely, it has one app that an option for downloading videos to your phone.

Vine Videos lets you download that video.

Free: Vine Videos



This app is so cool it doesn’t even have a name. This app lets you start and stop videos, search and even favorite content. It doesn’t do anything mind blowing amazing compared to Vine Flow but it does let you flip through videos a lot faster (and skip ones you have no interest in watching). Just don’t ask me what to call it.

v_v isn't a bad Vine App.

Free: v_v


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