Apr 3rd, 2012 @ 10:36 am

WhatTheFont App Identifies Fonts For Web Designers, Creative Types

All you typophiles out there should perk up with the release of the WhatTheFont app that helps you identify all those apps you love. WhatTheFont is a web tool used to identify various font based on screenshots.

WhatTheFont sounds like a lifesaving app for designers and creative types.

WhatTheFont app takes this same idea a step further by letting you take a photo of a font you like and uploading it directly to WhatTheFont for identification. As someone without an eye for fonts who is required to design on occasion, this app sounds like a lifesaver.

After all, according to a friend of mine, design is really just taking other people’s ideas and putting your own tweaks on them. I could be paraphrasing, but I feel like that was the sentiment.

WhatTheFont's interface is incredibly frustrating to use.

Sounds Great, Eh? In practice, however, the app is incredibly frustrating to use. Here’s how WhatsTheFont app is supposed to work. First, you take a photo of the font you want to identify, and Second, you crop the photo to highlight the exact font you want to target.

The photo part works fine. I mean, it’s pretty hard to screw up taking a photo (from an app perspective that is). But the second, that is the cropping, is a complete mess. The cropping tool almost seems disconnected from the screen itself, making it impossible to hone in on the exact font you want to identify.

It’s not too surprising then that the Google Play comments for the app are so low, even angry.

WhatTheFont app's ratings are so terrible specifically because of the cropping issue.

Now if you can actually get your photo cropped to the right area, WhatTheFont app seems to be fairly accurate for selecting fonts that are close to what you’re after.

After the app has identified your font, it brings up a selection of fonts for you to choose from and and option to share this to Facebook, Gmail or whatever else you like.

WhatTheFont brings up a selection of fonts close to the one you're after.

I wouldn’t normally feature an app that I thought was bad or even broken. But assuming the developer can work out the cropping issue, WhatTheFont wouldn’t be half bad.

Free: WhatTheFont


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