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Where To Find And Discover New Android Apps

Android Static has a reputation and, if I say so myself, quite a bit of street cred for highlighting the best in new Android apps. Unlike that local radio station that has been around for 2o years and still calls itself new, we feature apps that have literally just hit the Market. The Android Market has undergone some massive changes over the past year and has absolutely become better for discovering new apps. Still though there are a few tricks that I use everyday to discover new applications and that you can use to find out about awesome apps you’ve probably never heard of.


1. AppBrain

Android Static probably wouldn’t be possible without AppBrain. AppBrain is an alternative app and website for viewing the Android Market with significantly better options for sorting and discovering new apps. For awhile, AppBrain was the only option for viewing and discovering new apps via your computer and despite Google’s introduction of the web Android Market, AppBrain remains relevant because it’s an incredible search and sorting tool.

AppBrain is a must have Android app that has great sorting options for learning about new Android apps.

If you don’t already have the AppBrain app, be sure to go ahead and download it and sign up for an account. AppBrain has a few predefined searches for you (like the “Hot” apps of the day or week). Now, most people will look at the Hot Apps of the Day or Week, which is fine — it is a good way to discover new applications. The bad part of this search is that you have to usually wade through a bunch of spam or junk applications to discover any sort of gems. Instead try looking for the hot apps by category, which will make it easier for you to see the types of apps you’re interested in or not.

Free: AppBrain

Web: AppBrain


2. Android Market Suggestions

As much I love to rag on the Android Market, it’s improved dramatically over the past year or so (save the overpriced movies). The Android Market app itself brings some noticeable improvements and the Trending section is one of the most exciting since you can see apps that have recently started becoming viral hits or experience a big up swing in download traffic.

The new Android Market actually has some good suggestions for apps that you may like.

The web version of the Android Market also can be a great source of discovering applications that you like. Although I think these sections are largely ignored, every application page has three sections on the left hand side that can show you more from that app developer, other apps that people have viewed along with the app you’re looking at and, finally, a list of apps that people have also installed. Often, downloading apps can be hit or miss so if you download, say, a weather app that turns out to suck, check out the suggestions that the Android Market offers for apps that are similar and might be more what you’re looking for.


3. GetJar

GetJar is a less popular option for Android but one that Steph highlighted a month ago. GetJar doesn’t offers as many options for sorting as something like AppBrain nor is the experience as polished as the Android Market, but if you’re down for a little leg work in searching and you can find a few gems that you may have not heard about.

GetJar is a great alternative source for free Android apps.

Strangely, GetJar doesn’t have an Android app so you’ll have to use your phone’s browser to navigate to the mobile version of the website to download any apps.

Web: GetJar


4. Twitter

These days, any app developers worth their salt have a Twitter account and use Twitter as a tool to promote their recently released apps. Searching hashtags like #androidapps or #android might pull up some results related to new apps but is also just as likely to pull up a bunch of stuff you care nothing about. So, try searching for people asking questions related to Android apps or simple ask one yourself to get it answered.

Tweetcaster is the most popular Twitter app for Android.

Of course, Android Static offers the best advice on the apps you should be downloading and why so if you haven’t already follow @androidstatic on Twitter… you bastard.


5. Check out Android Static Like Your Life Depends Upon It

Shameless plug alert! Half the point of Android Static is to highlight the apps that you don’t already know about and you don’t need to read an app review about Facebook for Android from us (there are much shittier Android app websites for this purpose). Whether you keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter or just come to the site each day, Android Static is the best source for fresh apps and, in fact, have a whole category devoted to fresh apps.


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