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Today Samsung released a streaming music app called Milk Music.  They’re entering a field full of Goliaths on this one: iTunes Radio, Pandora and Spotify to name a few.  Stiff competition to be sure. I was shaking my head in pity as I downloaded this app.  Poor Samsung.  Why would ...More

Circa, a news app, just released for Android.  Oh hey, wait!  Come back! No no no – hear me out!  This isn’t a typical news app.  I wouldn’t ask you to install another app requiring you to scroll through screen after screen and wade through really long articles that are ...More

I’m not a serious gamer on my phone.  I play Chess Time daily (hit me up for a game,by the way – screename: therhoades), but other than that I just can’t seem to seriously get into any other games.  I’ve tried lots, but none of them have really… connected with ...More


I’m not on Facebook. You know why? Because I don’t give a shit about people’s pets or vacation photos or what they’re listening to on Spotify. I don’t care about people’s political opinion or who they voted for; and I don’t want to see your fucking cat curled up on ...More

Vine Android Apps

Aside from that whole porn thing, Vine has started to take off. I had a chance to play with it this week, and honestly, I’m digging the microcosm experience. Vine is I wish I could say more but since Android is the hand me down clothes of operation systems there’s no version ...More

Like it or not, Google automatically syncs your photos

Android was designed to work without wires, which is one of the wave of the future promises that every boy born in the early 80s looked forward to. If you’ve lived in, say, the past twenty years you an appreciate how much it blows ass to keep track of all the wires ...More


DayTrip is an app that feels like it should have already existed. DayTrip combines two apps I use everyday: A To Do List and Google Maps. The app picks up the location from all your events in Google Calendar and displays them as waypoints on a map, which I could ...More

Ez Weather

Many of you have heard me talk about how long it takes to discover new apps. More often than not, I’ll find an app that good but not necessarily worth writing an entire post about. I used to cover more of these apps under the moniker of fresh apps, but self ...More

Near Field Communication was not built for big hands.

Near Field Communication (NFC) looks so svelte on the commercials. Samsung has a way of portraying Apple products as obtuse in contrast to Android Beam that seamlessly transfers files on the fly by merely touching phones back to back. There’s something particularly sexy about shooting files by touching your phone with, uh, some ...More

Weather Daydream

The other day I posted about some of the best Daydream apps for Android and I guess I forgot one according to Sebastian who recently released Weather DayDream, a simple and clean Daydream that display your local weather conditions. Weather DayDream displays the current weather conditions along with a forecast ...More


I’m calling it. As of today Feedly is the best news app for Android. Today Feedly finally moved from the languishing doldrums of beta to a polished and sexy final release, which, in my book, makes it now the creme de la creme of Google Reader clients. I used Feedly ...More

Should I Eat This Shit?

Some of you know I dabble in this and that, including the creation of quasi useful absolutely questionable websites for the enjoyment of the general public. Well I’m announcing a new website that surely make you and your friendises giggle: Should I Eat This Shit?     Here’s how it ...More

Best Daydream Apps

People with ADHD know there are little tricks to getting things done in life. I, for example, like to use neon colored Sharpies to take notes; brightly colored things tend to keep my attention. That’s what makes live wallpapers, and by extension, daydreams so fun — it’s like a mystical ...More


As Android users I bet we all remember exactly where we were, what day it was and what we were wearing when we had the terrible realization:  The official Twitter app really is the best twitter app available for Android! Now this realization didn’t come from lack of choice.  When ...More

Track Packages with Android

‘Tis the season for buying things on the Internet, and there’s absolutely nothing worse than waiting around for all those soulless Internet people to arrive with that thing you want really bad. Alternatively, if you’re into this holiday spirit stuff and purchase something for someone else you may want to ...More

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